Aromatherapy Oil


Enhance your experience and engage your senses through these treatment add ons. Essential oils, energy balancing, cupping, Himalayan salt stones and more.

*All add-ons are complimentary. Please limit yourself to two.


Sensational aromas to enhance your experience.

Awaken - Citrus & eucalyptus: energizing, uplifting, restorative

Calm Me - Lavender, rose, vanilla: calming, relaxing, light, cleansing

Knotty Oil - Japanese mint: intense; reduces muscle soreness, achiness and fatigue

Heaven Scent  - A truly exceptional treat. Indulge your senses and take yourself to new heights. Surely this is how heaven smells. Chocolate: warm, sensual, comforting, decadent.


This is an effective tool to target facial restrictions surrounding muscles. Cupping helps to improve circulation and decrease tightness and pain for long-lasting results.


This is an energy balancing technique that can be performed as part of a massage treatment or on it's own. Reiki helps to target any energetic blockages in the body and to restore proper flow and balance of energies.


A personal favourite. Facial massages help to reduce pain and pressure associated with headaches; often times people experience immediate relief. Hot towel finish. Bonus: helps to smooth appearance of fine lines, stress and wrinkles.


These hot, smooth, healing stones are sourced directly from the Himalayan mountains. They have over 500 minerals in them, helping to restore deficiencies in the body. Along with having a mild exfoliating effect, the  stones help to fight off free radicals while the warmth also provides a comforting, soothing effect.


Great as a pre-treatment, dry brushing helps to prepare the body for a massage by exfoliating any dead skin and improving circulation. Dry brushing leaves the skin feeling soft and silky.