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Complimentary Add-Ons

Our Treatment Add-Ons Are Always Complimentary

Enhance your experience and engage your senses with our complimentary treatment add ons. Choose from Cupping, Himalayan Salt Stones, Cosmetic Acupuncture and more.

Please note - certain add-ons are only available by select therapists. 

Please read thoroughly and contact us if you have any questions.

Massage Therapy Add-ons


This is an effective tool to target facial restrictions surrounding muscles. Suction cupping helps to improve circulation, decrease tightness, reduce pain for long-lasting results.​

Facial Massage

A staff favourite. Facial massages help to reduce pain and pressure associated with headaches; often times people experience immediate relief. Hot towel finish.


BONUS: Helps to smooth appearance of fine lines, stress and wrinkles.


Himalayan Salt Stones

These hot, smooth, healing stones are sourced directly from the Himalayan mountains. They have over 500 minerals in them, helping to restore deficiencies in the body. Along with having a mild exfoliating effect, the stones help to fight off free radicals while the warmth also provides a comforting, soothing effect.

acupuncture Add-ons

FirE Cupping

Fire cupping has all of the same benefits as suction cupping, however, fire is used to create the suction during this treatment. The warmth adds an extra layer of soothing comfort to the muscles, and encourages the removal of toxins through the body's lymphatic system.


Gua Sha tools made from semi-precious stone are used to treat muscle tightness,

headaches, migraines, pain and swelling in the body.

*(currently unavailable)*


Cosmetic Acupuncture

As an extension of traditional acupuncture, cosmetic acupuncture helps to increase collagen production, improve muscle tone and integrity, promote circulation and lymphatic drainage, while reducing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and stress.


Burning Moxa (smokeless option available) is used to balance Qi, expel cold, clear away heat, detoxify, treat disease and restore strength. It has also been used to help turn babies from the breech fetal position.

*(currently unavailable)*


The use of water for healing purposes has been practiced in many cultures since the beginning of time.  The therapeutic effects help to produce healing responses within our bodies. It encourages the flow of fresh blood and nutrients while circulating any stagnation out of the body. Hydrotherapy truly refreshes the body from the inside out, and is recommended as part of every treatment.


This is particularly great for people who are dealing with arthritis, fibromyalgia, inflammation, pain and new injuries. Cryotherapy helps to minimize pain and swelling, along with rejuvenating skin, closes pores and lock in nutrients.

Heat Therapy

This is great for people suffering from chronically tight, stiff and sore muscles. Heat therapy has soothing, comforting effects and encourages muscle relaxation and the release of any muscle tension in the body.



This is often used for people who are in the process of recovering from recent pain or injury. This technique helps to improve circulation and flush old, stagnant blood from the area to allow fresh, oxygenated blood to enter.

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