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Astrology is a great resource for spiritual guidance. It is scientific, mathematical, specific, and the same no matter where you go in the world

  • Have you ever wondered about the universe's influence on your life, based on the exact moment you were born? 

  • Have you been curious about astrology, and wanted to go deeper - beyond your zodiac sign sun?

  • Are you looking for universal guidance for some of your big life questions?

  • Maybe you have found that you don't always relate to your sun sign?

A Birth Chart Interpretation is a great place to begin diving into all of this and more.


I offer a beginner friendly introduction to the stars, planets and universe's alignment at your birth. The wisdom of the universe through astrology offers guidance and powerful insights for life, love, relationships, career; where things come easily and where we need to put in more work; and helps align us to our path and life's purpose.

This birth chart interpretation goes over the signs, planets, houses, nodes and part of fortune, what they all mean, and how it relates to you, your life and your chart specifically.

Each interpretation comes with an image of your personal birth chart, a one hour recording where you and I can discuss your chart in depth with plenty of time to ask questions, as well as a typed explanation of the houses, signs, and planetary energies. I also offer resources that will allow you to dive even deeper if you so wish!


- $100 for 90 minutes

Includes 90 minute recording, hand-drawn chart & written explanation

- $150 Astrology + Energy Reading

Includes both the 1 hour energy reading plus the 90 minute Astrology birth chart interpretation. This combination helps to give deeper insight and context to patterns, behaviours and cycles in our lives.