Chakras and Energy Healing



 "In order to heal others, you must first learn to heal yourself."

Are you looking for balance and clarity? Are you tired of repeating the same cycles over and over again? Are you ready to look inward for the answers you are searching for?

If so, let me guide you through a journey of self exploration, spiritual awakening and energy healing. Over the course of 28 days, we gently work through our 7 main chakras to clear any blockages, resistances and stagnation. Through self love, compassion, and understanding, we strengthen our chakras by promoting a free flow of energy throughout our mind, body and spirit. I share specific details, meditations, self-reflective questions, food suggestions, and other guidelines on how to work through and heal each one of your chakras. The chakra cleanse is an extremely personal journey, and you will have all the tools you in your guide to help you successfully work through the 28 days as many times as you wish. However, I am available for personal one-on-one sessions to help you along your journey as needed.

I also host guided cleanses for closed groups throughout the year. During these times, I provide weekly check-ins to discuss questions and concerns while also exploring the chakras more in depth and holding a safe space for questions and open discussions. Once you obtain your guide, you will have lifetime access to the closed groups.


Next group cleanse: TBA


Benefits of a Chakra cleanse:

  • Balance

  • Increased sense of health and well-being

  • Increased self awareness

  • Improved relationship with self and others

  • Increased energy and productivity

  • Learning to trust in your own intuition

  • Improved ability to handle conflict

  • Interrupting self destructive patterns

  • Closer relationship with your higher power

  • Gaining new coping strategies

  • Mental clarity

  • Emotional stability

  • Rational decision making

  • Improved physical health*

  • Weight loss*

  • And so much more


*results depend on the physical guidelines you chose to follow. The views I share are solely my own and for informational purposes only. I am not a medical doctor, nutrition expert or exercise specialist, and the opinions I share should never replace the advice of a professional. Please speak to your doctor before beginning any new fitness, diet or lifestyle changes.*


Cost: $55

**Sliding scale available for special circumstances. Please contact me directly for a free consultation**

To learn more about chakras or to get your own personal guided cleanse, please visit my IG page:

Or email me at: bluenile.massagetherapy@gmail.com



"Self Care is not selfish, it is self-full."

Are you looking for a fun and unique way to spend an evening? Are you interested in energy balancing and spiritual exploration? Are you curious about holistic methods of healing?

If so, I invite you to join me for a virtual, live Self-Care Night. I have partnered with some amazing local healers to offer you a fun night of creativity and energetic exploration. Find the balance and the answers you are searching for as we take you on a spiritual journey deeper into yourself. 


Our Self-Care Night includes:

  • Sound Healing

  • Energy Reading

  • Guided Paint Night

  • Guided Ancestral Meditation

  • Aura Interpretation

  • Astrological Transit Reading

  • *Bonus - special ticket pricing available for local participants who would like to purchase their very own personal Self-Care gift package*


$35 regular ticket price

$45 special ticket price including self care gift package

Next Event: TBA

For more information or to reserve your spot, please email me at

Hope to see you there!  *limited spaces available*

Speaker and workshop rates

Personal development workshops are an extremely valuable tool for companies, schools, organizations etc. They allow for personal growth and increased productivity through learning how to manage stress, deal with conflict and create a happier work environment. Through years of research, knowledge, and practice, I have developed various educational tools that cover topics such as self-care tips, stress management, work-life balance, holistic (mind/body/spirit) health, massage tips at work, and more. Through workshops and speaking engagements, I aim to encourage others to create a more fulfilling work-life balance.


My rates Include:

  • Initial consultation (free)

  • Individualized content and information based on your needs

  • Supplies and fees

  • Factual, knowledgeable and experience based research

  • Meetings and check-ins as needed

  • Hours, days or weeks of dedication to creating your perfect presentation

  • Continuous access to myself and my team

  • Interactive and fun presentation

  • Q & A period

  • Ongoing support and resources to all participants

  • And more, based on specific needs


Rates start at $300 for a minimum 1 hour speaking engagement and increase based on time and supply requirements. 2 hour workshop $500. Half day $600. Full day workshop/conference $1000.

**Sliding scale available for special circumstances. Please contact me to book a free consultation.