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Speaker Rates

Personal development workshops are an extremely valuable tool for companies, schools, organizations etc. They allow for personal growth and increased productivity through learning how to manage stress, deal with conflict and create a happier, healthier work environment. Through years of research, knowledge, and practice, I have developed various educational tools that cover topics such as self-care, stress management, work-life balance, holistic (mind/body/spirit) health, massage tips, setting boundaries, energy protection and more. Through workshops and speaking engagements, I aim to encourage others to create a more fulfilling work-life balance.

Examples of workshops I have created include:

  • Self Care and Energy Protection for Dalhousie's Human Rights and Equity Services department

  • Self Care at Work for Nova Scotia Career Development Association

  • Embodying Birth - Holistic Labour and Delivery Prep (Community Course)

  • Prenatal Massage - Safe Therapeutic Massage Techniques for Mama To Be (Community Course)

For a full list of speaker and workshop experiences, please visit my Community Initiatives page here as well as my Community Workshops page here.


My rates Include:

·         Initial consultation (free)

·         Individualized content and information based on your needs

·         Basic supplies and fees

·         Factual, knowledgeable and experience-based research

·         Meetings and check-ins as needed

·         Hours, days, or weeks of dedication to creating your perfect presentation

·         Continuous access to myself and my team

·         Interactive and fun presentation

·         Q & A period

·         Ongoing support and resources to all participants

·         And more, based on specific needs


Rates start at $300 for a minimum 1 hour speaking engagement and increase based on additional miscellaneous fees (travel outside of HRM, extra time and supplies, etc.) 2-hour workshop $500. Half-day $600. Full-day workshop/conference $1000.

If you would like to work together, please contact me directly and I would be happy to chat.